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      support hotline:13358673888

      Haicheng Huasheng Refractory Co., Ltd. is located in the world famous magnesia town “China Haicheng”. Its head office is located in Yingman Magnesium Industrial Park. It was founded in 1994 by Mr. Chen Enkai, Chairman of the Board of Directors. Xiuyan Manchu Autonomous County is a group company integrating mining, mineral deep processing, logistics, import and export trade.

      The company is located at the southern end of the Liaodong Peninsula. The location is very advantageous. The Harbin-Dalian Railway and the Shenyang-Dalian Expressway run through the north and south. The Jingdan Expressway runs through the east and west, and the Bayuquan Port, Dalian Port and Zhuanghe Port are adjacent to each other...


      With the advent of the 21st century, we are facing an era of unprecedented change. The world is a market, and only those companies that have an advantage in competition can survive. In order to accelerate the development of the company, Huasheng Fireproof always adheres to the management philosophy of honesty, pragmatism, innovation and transcendence. Innovation is the driving force of the enterprise, quality is the lifeblood of the enterprise, and integrity is the foundation of the enterprise. Through the development of the enterprise, we will further deepen the adjustment of the industrial structure and the adjustment of the product structure, and make Huasheng refractory bigger and stronger. With a large production scale, advanced production technology, and scientific management structure; based on the principle of providing consumers with high-quality enjoyment and low-price benefits, down-to-earth, to stand for people, better serve society.

      The future of a company depends on how much the company has the right vision, whether it has a leading business approach, and whether it creates the highest value that exceeds customer expectations. Huasheng has made a lot of investment in order to adapt to the rapidly changing market business model. The efforts have made outstanding achievements, high-standard modern factory buildings, established a scientific and perfect management system, and built a high-quality professional talent team.

      Tomorrow, Huasheng Refractory Co., Ltd. will strive to create wealth and benefit the society with a brand-new attitude, one step at a time, and a world-class enterprise. Finally, Huasheng Refractory Co., Ltd. sincerely welcomes all walks of life and colleagues to develop together and forge ahead.

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